XCT-Only Samples

The XCT-Only models display only the unprocessed X-ray computed tomography image data of the interior of the rock. These models differ from our “fusion” models that display both the exterior high-resolution photogrammetric image data and the interior X-ray computed tomography data. Since the Astromaterials Research & Exploration Science CT Laboratory at NASA Johnson Space Center produces extensive image data for samples, Astromaterials 3D has created this special section to serve selections of this important data to researchers and the public. You will notice that the XCT image data shown here may have less contrast or look less in focus than in the “fusion” models—this is because the data here has not been adjusted at all. In the fusion model, our team adjusts the image data within certain acceptable scientific parameters to bring out details in the data, but what you see here is the unprocessed data as it is output by the XCT scanner.

Mesh of a rock

More Samples Coming Soon