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Mars Studies

Mars research ranges from detailed sample analyses of martian meteorites to experimental and theoretical studies, to the interpretation of surface data returned by landers and orbital spacecraft. More directly mission-centered work is outlined in the Mission Science section. Click on the images below to learn more and to view the labs and research teams engaged in this type of work.

Research Groups

Simon Research Group (CICG)
The Simon Research Group (CICG) measures a wide variety of elements and their isotopes to understand the origin of our solar system, the processes that transformed nebular dust and gas into the building blocks of planets, and planet formation (accretion & differentiation).
Niles Research Group
The Niles Research Group (PAERG) seeks to address questions regarding the temperatures, time scales, nature of water-rock interaction, and chemical characteristics of ancient aqueous systems with the final goal of assessing their suitability for sustaining life.