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Raman Microprobe Laboratory

The Jobin-Yvon Horiba High-Resolution Raman Microprobe is used to provide detailed characterization of astromaterials, supporting a wide range of investigations that include mineralogy, crystallinity, fluid inclusions, organic, and inorganic geochemistry. The instrument is capable of conducting analysis /excitation at four wavelengths: a He-Ne Laser at 632.8 nm, a Laser Diode at 784.8 nm, and an Argon laser at 488 and 514 nm. The Raman Microprobe is equipped with a confocal Olympus microscope and a motorized XY stage. The laser Raman Microprobe is an analytical technique that is rapid and simple to perform, and is generally applicable to micron-sized grain and larger samples.

Lab Leads
Michael Zolensky (281-483-5128), NASA
Loan Le (281-483-6186), Jacobs JETS
Raman Microprobe Instruments