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JEOL 8530F Microprobe Laboratory

The new JEOL JXA-8530F electron probe, installed in early 2014 at NASA-JSC, is equipped with 5 WDS spectrometers, as well as a ThermoElectron SDD (Silicon drift detector) energy dispersive spectrometer. Several features of this instrument make it a state-of-the-art electron probe that will permit our researchers to attack problems in cosmochemistry that were previously intractable. The field emission electron gun enables significantly improved image resolution, permitting researchers to get a clearer view of fine-grained materials. The instrument is also equipped with two types of high-count-rate WDS detectors that yield substantially lower detection limits, permitting analysis of trace elements, but not requiring unreasonably long count times. We will develop low beam-energy analysis routines that will enable high-quality chemical analysis with much improved spatial resolution, allowing for analysis of finer-grained materials. The instrument is also equipped with several light-element-analysis diffracting crystals that will allow us to directly analyze carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, that can be exploited to address the light element compositions of chondritic meteorites, in situ.

The purpose of the JEOL JXA-8530F electron probe is as follows:

  • Chemical Analysis of solid materials (moonrocks, meteorites, and experimental samples)
  • Electron imaging of planetary science sample
  • Chemical mapping

Summary of new features that are significant advances over the old probe:

  • Vastly improved imaging (highly focused electron beam yields better spatial resolution for imaging)
  • Two high-count rate WD spectrometers will permit trace element analysis with better detection limits produced with shorter count times
  • SDD type EDS detector yields very high count rates permitting x-ray mapping (not limited to 5 elements as with WDS mapping)
  • Highly focused beam will permit development of low kV x-ray data collection, and improved spatial resolution for chemical analysis
  • No-oil vacuum pumps will enhance Carbon analysis in chondritic meteorites and IDPs (interplanetary dust particles)

Lab Leads
Lindsay Keller (281-483-6090), NASA
Kent Ross (281-483-1891), Jacobs JETS
JEOL 8530F Microprobe Instruments
JEOL 8530F Microprobe
JEOL 8530F Microprobe Results