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Analytical Geochemistry Laboratory

In conjunction with the work taking place in the Soil Chemistry & Mineralogy and M3EGA Labs, the ARES Analytical Geochemistry Lab permits researchers to conduct solution chemistry analyses (atomic absorption spectroscopy - AA, below left), ion chromatography (IC, below right), pH, and electrical conductivity analyses as an integral part of our Mars (and terrestrial) soil characterization. Graphite and Flame AA furnaces allow us to determine ppb and ppm concentrations of cations in dilute acid solutions, while the IC allows for the determination of ppm levels of several anions simultaneously in aqueous solutions.

Lab Leads
Doug Ming (281-483-5839), NASA
Tanya Peretyazhko (281-244-8153), Jacobs JETS
Analytical Geochemistry Instruments
Analytical Geochemistry Instruments