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Research Laboratories

The 20 plus research laboratories in the Astromaterials Research Office perform physical science research in support of the Astromaterials Research & Exploration Sciences (ARES) Division at the Johnson Space Center. This research covers a wide spectrum of interest (e.g., primitive materials, planetary formation, Mars, mission science support, and exobiology & organic geochemistry), and involves carrying out peer-reviewed research in astromaterials (e.g., meteorites, cosmic and interplanetary dust, comets, solar wind, lunar rocks, asteroids). Astromaterials research personnel are commonly involved in flight & sample return missions (e.g., LDEF, Stardust, Mars Phoenix & Rovers, ODC, Genesis, Mars Science Lab, Hayabusa, etc.) as scientist (Co-I or PI) gathering, processing, and interpreting results and/or sample analyses. The fundamental goals of the research carried out in these facilities is to better understand the origin and evolution of our solar system, in particular Earth, Mars, & Moon, and the nature and distribution of life in our solar system and possibly beyond.

Research Labs
Laboratory NASA Lab Manager   Jacobs JETS Lab Lead
Analytical Geochemistry Doug Ming Tanya Peretyazhko
General Chemistry Aaron Burton Darren Locke
Electron Beam Lab Suite Lindsay Keller Roy Christoffersen (JEOL 2500 SE - TEM)
Anne Peslier (Cameca SX-100)
Zia Rahman (FEI - Quanta FIB)
Eve Berger (JEOL 7600F / 5910LV - SEM)
Kent Ross (JEOL 8530F)
Anh Nguyen (NanoSIMS 50)
Simon Clemett (L2MS)
Kathie Thomas-Keprta (JEOL 2000 FX - TEM)
Electron Microprobe - Cameca SX-100   Lindsay Keller Anne Peslier
Electron Microprobe - JEOL 8530F Lindsay Keller Kent Ross
Experimental Impact Mark Cintala Frank Cardenas
Experimental Petrology Kevin Righter Lisa Danielson
Loan Le
Focused Ion Beam Lindsay Keller Zia Rahman
Fourier Transform Infrared David Draper Anne Peslier
ICP-MS David Mittlefehldt  
Laser Microprobe Simon Clemett
Light Element Analysis Paul Niles Darren Locke
M3EGA Doug Ming Doug Archer
NanoSIMS 50 Scott Messenger Anh Nguyen
Optical Microscopy Lindsay Keller Kathie Thomas-Keprta
Raman Microprobe Michael Zolensky Loan Le
SEM (5910LV / 7600F) Lindsay Keller Eve Berger (JEOL 7600F & JEOL 5910LV)
Soluble Organics in Astromaterials   Aaron Burton Darren Locke
Soil Chemistry & Mineralogy Doug Ming Mary Sue Bell
Spectroscopy & Magnetics Richard Morris Trevor Graff
TEM (2500SE / 2000FX) Lindsay Keller Roy Christoffersen
Kathie Thomas-Keprta
TIMS Justin Simon  
X-Ray Diffraction Doug Ming Brad Sutter