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David Stewart Draper

Manager, Astromaterials Research

Contact Information

Phone: 281.483.9486
Fax: 281-483-1573

ARES David Stewart Draper


David Draper is the manager of the Astromaterials Research Office at the Johnson Space Center (JSC). His personal research emphasizes planetary petrology and comparative planetology, specializing in experimental study of planetary basalts and their sources. Draper oversees lab work that sheds light on the formation and evolution of our inner solar system while leading his office’s world-class scientists. In his free time, Draper is a musician and amateur audio engineer.


DegreeArea of StudySchoolYear
Ph.D.University of Oregon - Eugene1991
B.Sc.Humboldt State University - Arcata CA1985

Selected Publications

Draper, D. S., Dygert, N. J., Rapp, J. F., Lapen, T. J., Fagan, A. L., and Neal, C. R. (2017) New experimental determinations of trace element partitioning between plagioclase, pyroxene, olivine, and lunar basaltic melts. Meteoritics and Planetary Science. (Publication currently still in review).

Sharp, Z. D. and Draper, D. S. (2013) The chlorine abundance of Earth: Implications for a habitable planet. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 369-370:71-77.

Rapp, J. F., Draper, D. S., and Mercer, C. M. (2013) Anhydrous liquid line of descent of Yamato-980459 and evolution of Martian parental magmas. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 48:1780-1799.

Elardo S. M., Draper D. S., and Shearer C. K. Jr. (2011) Lunar magma ocean crystallization revisited: Bulk composition, early cumulate mineralogy, and the source regions of the highlands Mg-suite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 75:3024-3045.

Chabot N. L., McDonough W. F., Jones J. H., Saslow S. A., Ash R. D., Draper D. S., and Agee C. B. (2011) Partitioning behavior at 9 GPa in the Fe-S System. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 305: 425–434.