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Aaron Steven Burton

Planetary Scientist

Contact Information

Phone: 281.244.2773
Fax: 281-483-1573

ARES Aaron Steven Burton


Aaron Burton is a planetary scientist within the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) Division at the Johnson Space Center. His research seeks to understand how prebiotic chemical reactions could have led to the origins of life. Such research includes the analysis of organic material in astromaterials such as meteorites. Burton also studies how informational polymers serve as biomarkers in the search for life beyond Earth. He is a member of the SHERLOC team, who will utilize a spectrometer to characterize organics and minerals on Martian surfaces during the Mars 2020 mission. The goals of this mission study past aqueous history, detect the presence of potential biosignatures, and to support the selection, collection and preservation of samples that may be returned to Earth. Another facet of Burton's work is directed towards the maintenance of crew health during spaceflight. An example of this is the Biomolecule Sequencer project, which successfully sequenced DNA in space for the first time in August of 2016.


DegreeArea of StudySchoolYear
Ph.D.ChemistryPortland State University2010
B.S.BiochemistryPortland State University2005
Post DocPostdoctoral FellowNASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Greenbelt MD(2010 - 2013)

Selected Publications

Elsila JE, Aponte JC, Blackmon DG, Burton AS, Dworkin JP and Glavin DP (2016) Meteoritic Amino Acids: Diversity in Compositions Reflects Parent Body Histories. ACS Central Science 2, 370 – 379.

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Glavin DP, Elsila JE, Burton AS, Callahan MP, Dworkin JP, Hilts RW, and Herd CDK. (2012) Unusual non-terrestrial L-proteinogenic amino acid excesses in the Tagish Lake meteorite. Meteoritics & Planetary Science 47, 1347 - 1364. Note: featured on the cover of the August 2012 issue.

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