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Marc Douglas Fries

Planetary Scientist

Contact Information

Phone: 281.244.1455
Fax: 281-483-1573

ARES Marc Douglas Fries


Marc Fries is a planetary scientist within the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) Division at the Johnson Space Center. Fries is a Raman spectroscopist and an expert on carbonaceous materials in natural systems, ranging from methane and organic compounds, to macromolecular solids and diamond. He currently performs advanced curation research to improve the care of current and future NASA collections. He also studies methane plumes on Mars, is a member of the Scanning Habitable Environments with Raman & Luminescence for Organics & Chemicals (SHERLOC) instrument team for Mars 2020, and served as the Principal Investigator of the Strata-1 experiment on the International Space Station to investigate asteroid surface processes.


DegreeArea of StudySchoolYear
Ph.D.Materials ScienceUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham2002
M.S.Materials EngineeringUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham2001
B.S.ChemistryTroy University1998

Selected Publications

Fries, M., Christou, A., Archer, D., Conrad, P., Cooke, W., Eigenbrode, J., ten Kate, I.L., Matney, M., Niles, P., Sykes, M., Steele, A., Treiman, A. “A cometary origin for martian atmospheric methane”. Geochem. Persp. Let. 2, (2016) 10-23.

Steele A., McCubbin F., Fries M., “The provenance, formation, and implications of reduced carbon phases in martian meteorites”, Meteoritics and Planetary Science (2016) 1-23.

Bower, D.M., Steele, A., Fries, M.D., Green, O.R. and Lindsay, J.F., 2016. “Raman Imaging Spectroscopy of a Putative Microfossil from the? 3.46 Ga Apex Chert: Insights from Quartz Grain Orientation”. Astrobiology, 16(2), pp.169-180.

Fries M., Welzenbach L., Steele A., “Everyone wins: A Mars-impact origin for carbonaceous Phobos and Deimos”, 3rd Int'l Conf. on Exploration of Phobos and Deimos, 18-19 July 2016.

Fries M., Abell P., Brisset J., Britt D., Colwell J., Durda D., Dove A., Graham L., Hartzell C., John K., Leonard, M., Love, S., Sánchez, D.P., Scheeres D.J., “Strata-1: An International Space Station Experiment into Fundamental Regolith Processes in Microgravity”, 47th LPSC (2016) Abstract #2799.

Fries, M., Fries, J., Hankey, M. and Matson, R., “Meteorite Falls Observed in US Weather Radar Data in 2015 and 2016 (To Date).” 79th Meteoritical Society Meeting (2016) Abstract #6536.

Beegle, L.W., Bhartia, R., DeFlores, L., Abbey, W., Carrier, B., Asher, S., Burton, A., Conrad, P., Clegg, S., Edgett, K.S. and Ehlmann, B., 2016. SHERLOC: An Investigation for Mars 2020. Biosignature Preservation and Detection in Mars Analog Environments, Abstract #1912.

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Fries M., Le Corre L., Hankey M., Fries J., Matson R., Schaefer J., Reddy V., “Detection and rapid recovery of the Sutter's Mill meteorite fall as a model for future recoveries worldwide”, Meteoritics and Planetary Science 49, 11 (2014) 1989-1996.

Fries M. and Steele A., “Raman Spectroscopy and Confocal Raman Imaging in Mineralogy and Petrography”, in Confocal Raman Spectroscopy, Dieing, Hollricher, Toporski, eds. (2010) ISBN 978-3-642-12521-8