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NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO)

The NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) program uses the Acquarius Reef Base off of Key Largo, Florida for training, science, and technology development. NEEMO 21 is a 16 day mission with a focus on coral reef studies and establishing a new coral reef nursery with university partners. ARES scientists are leading the integrated science operations for the mission which highlights Extra Vehicular Activities (EVAs) for coral reef studies, testing of EVA tools, joint robotic and EVA operations, and the assessment of EVA planning. ARES will also be developing and testing astronaut training and field note "cue cards", testing EVA tool stowage and transportation, new geologic sampling tools, and habitat workstation tools. This year, our science team is also integrating new GIS based mapping and traverse planning tools. This unique image data set integrates space imagery, regional data, seafloor topography, and on-site photography.