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Lunar and Meteorite Sample Disk Program (K-12)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreign country request the packages?
Due to the method of shipping the Sample Disk along with the limited number of Sample Disks available, it is NASA's policy to loan these packages only within the United States.
I cannot find the brown paper tape anywhere. Do I have to use it?
The packages are REQUIRED to be sent back REGISTERED through the United States Post Office. Because registered packages are stamped all over to insure the packages are not opened in transit, the brown paper tape is a "strongly recommended or a requirement" by the United States Post Office, not JSC. Brown paper tape is also the best option since stamps do not adhere to glossy tape. JSC recommends contacting the specific post office you will use, and ask if brown paper tape is required for registered packages. If it is not required, you may ship the packages without it. If the post office does require brown paper tape and cannot provide it, check an office supply store for availability.
Does my teaching certification count as the NASA Lunar and Meteorite certification?
No, you must take the NASA Certification Workshop which is offered free of charge. If you need to be certified, please check for upcoming workshops in your area.
Is there a charge for using the sample disks?
No, there is no charge for the use of the Sample Disks
How long is the loan period for?
The standard loan period is two weeks.
When will my package arrive?
The packages are sent registered restricted mail through the United States Post Office. We do not know the exact day the packages will arrive; however, they normally take 7-10 days. Therefore, once your loan agreement and security plan are both received and approved, we will mail the packages 10 days in advance of your request date.
My package has arrived early. Do I have to send it back early?
No, your loan period is for the time period on your loan agreement. If your package only took 5 days to arrive, you can still keep the package until your loan period ends.
Can I keep the package longer than the two week period?
Because of the limited amount of disks available, we ask that you keep to the two week loan period. If for some reason you are unable to send the package back at the specified time, you must request approval PRIOR to keeping the package. If you do not send the package back within the time period specified, another requester might not receive the package when requested. This could affect your approval for future requests.
Can the sample disks be stored at the safe in my home?
At NO TIME are the Sample Disks allowed to go to your home. If you are having difficulty finding a safe at your facility, please check with your local police department or bank.
Can I receive the packages in two weeks?
No, you must request your package at least 6 weeks in advance. Remember, we must receive both the loan agreement and security plan with original signatures. Also, the packages are mailed 10 days before the loan period begins. A two week lead is not enough time to prepare and mail the packages.
I have several teachers at my school that are interested in using the sample disk. Can we share them?
Yes, they can use the Sample Disks as long as all users have a NASA certification and are listed on line 10 of the security plan.