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Image Science & Analysis Group


Photogrammetry: The science and art of determining the position and shape of objects from two or more images (film, video or digital images) acquired from different perspectives.

Our photogrammetry team consists of academically trained personnel with over 40 years of experience applying the science of image based measurement to derive static and dynamic engineering data from ground, sea, air, and space-based cameras, particularly in imagery that was not originally intended for study.

We utilize photogrammetric techniques from both aerial mapping (stereo analysis) and close range industrial measurement (convergent analysis) to design custom, non-traditional approaches for each measurement task. Our staff specializes in the measurement of natural features in situations where many of the commercial measurement systems fail.

ISAG Photogrammetry

Our photogrammetry expertise includes:

  • Single Image Quantitative Analysis
    • Two Dimensional Size
    • Areas in the Plane of the Image
    • Historical Change Analysis (detecting changes in shape/configuration over time)
  • 3-D Photogrammetric Analysis
    • Size - Length, Width, Height
    • Position
    • Area and Volume
    • Surface Shape Modeling
    • Relative Geometry and Clearance among Multiple Object
  • 4-D Photogrammetric Analysis
    • 3-D Position over Time
    • Velocity
    • Acceleration
    • Trajectory
  • Still and Video Camera Characterization for Lens Distortion Removal
    • Determine Camera Effective Focal Length
    • Determine Principal Point (point of intersection of image plane with optical axis)
    • Lens Distortion Characterization
    • Resampling Imagery to Remove Lens Distortion

The Image Science and Analysis Group (IS&AG) is a branch of Astromaterials Research & Exploration Science at the NASA Johnson Space Center.