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Human Exploration

Image Science & Analysis Group

Imagery Acquisition Planning

Imagery Acquisition PlanningWe provide expertise in the application of spaceflight engineering imagery (acquisition, coordination, and analysis) for data collection and performance insight during launch, ascent, on-orbit, entry, landing, recovery, and ground testing.

With a vast pool of experience and capability with integration, imagery assets, imagery data management, and photogrammetric analysis that can be applied to a wide variety of scenarios and assessment challenges, we are able to meet both government and private industry imagery needs.

We simplify the process of securing one-of-a-kind imagery assets and skill sets.

Guidance is given to the customer in assembling the appropriate complement of imagery acquisition tools, minimizing costs associated with market research.

Access to a wide variety of imaging options can be provided — ground-based, airborne, seaborne and vehicle-based — available both through government and commercial vendors.

ISAG Imagery Acquisition Planning

The Image Science and Analysis Group (IS&AG) is a branch of Astromaterials Research & Exploration Science at the NASA Johnson Space Center.