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Image Science & Analysis Group

About ISAG

Historical photograph IS&AG was established after the investigation of the STS-51L Challenger accident, and its continued existence fulfills one of the lessons learned from the accident investigation. Since that time, our experience and capabilities in the area of image analysis have grown dramatically. Unfortunately, the group came full circle with the STS-107 Columbia accident investigation when these skills were called upon once again. The heroes of STS-51L and STS-107 will always be remembered.

The group exists not only for government spaceflight imagery integration needs, but also to provide imagery expertise as a collaborative effort with private industry. Our team includes and has access to a vast pool of experience and capability with integration, imagery assets, imagery data management, and photogrammetric analysis that can be applied to a wide variety of scenarios and assessment challenges.

About Us
Our primary areas of expertise are:
  • Photogrammetry
    • Stereo measurement accuracy
    • Convergent accuracy
    • Static 2D and 3D measurements
    • High - resolution Motion Tracking (2D/3D - Oscillatory and Trajectory)
    • Detailed Surveys and Monitoring of External Vehicle Conditions
    • Thorough Imagery Screening (film, video and electronic)
    • Image Acquisition Planning
    • Programmatic Implementation


For general questions and inquiries, please email Randall Moore.

Contact us for Analytical Imagery Services

NASA Technical Monitor
Randall Moore

Jacobs Manager
Robert Scharf

The Image Science and Analysis Group (IS&AG) is a branch of Astromaterials Research & Exploration Science at the NASA Johnson Space Center.