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Image Science

We perform various imagery services to the International Space Station, Orion, and Commercial Crew Office Programs within ARES. These services involve analysis of Earth imagery and of hardware imagery for structure and performance during various events, among other forms of imagery acquisition, planning and interpretation.

Earth Science & Remote Sensing

Our scientists provide specialized remote sensing, science operations, and observations for the International Space Station (ISS) Program, including guiding astronauts to produce scientific photography and enhancing the imagery's educational impact. Astronauts have a unique vantage point from the ISS to document Earth's dynamic environment including its geology, meteorology, geography, oceanography, and ecology. ISS-generated images and those taken from other on-orbit satellites give primary data of the state of the Earth. We use images taken from the ISS and then download, catalog, and place them on the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of the Earth.

Image Science & Analysis

The Image Science and Analysis Group (ISAG) provides engineering imagery acquisition planning and image analysis for the ISS, Orion, and Commercial Crew Office Programs. ISAG performs 3-D photogrammetry, 2-D and 3-D motion analysis, image acquisition planning, detailed imagery surveys of space vehicles, and imagery management and operations to measure damage and degradation during missions and assess structural integrity. Our team also provides requirements review and technical guidance to ensure new launch vehicles and capsules meet NASA's safety standards. ISAG maintains a state-of-the-art image analysis lab with specialized hardware and software for detailed measurements and engineering analyses services.