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These materials have been designed for use in upper elementary through high schools especially, but not exclusively, with the Lunar Sample Disk.

The Moon: Gateway to the Solar System provides background information about the Moon.
It Tells the story of the Moon's geological history and how scientists try to decipher the story. Theis background informaiton may be useful reading for students as well.

Classroom activities promote problem solving, communication skills, and teamwork. Each activity consists of teacher pages and reporducible student sheets. The activities are divided into three units: Pre-Apollo, Learning from Apollo, and the Future.


About This Book

About the Lunar Sample Disk

About the Slide Set

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Activity Matrices


Teacher's Guide- The Moon: Gateway to the Solar System

Moon ABCs Fact Sheet

Rock ABCs Fact Sheet

Progress in Lunar Science Chart

Nearside of the Moon—Apollo Landing Sites


Unit 1: Pre-Apollo

Distance to the Moon

Diameter of the Moon

Reaping Rocks


Unit 2: Learning From Apollo

The Lunar Disk

Apollo Landing Sites

Regolith Formation

Lunar Surface


Impact Craters

Clay Lava Flows

Lava Layering

Lunar Landing Sites

Lunar Roving Vehicle

Moon Anomalies


Unit 3: The Future

Lunar Land Use

Life Support Systems

Lunar Biospheres


Resources for Educators


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