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Lunar and Meteorite Disk Program (K-12)

Lunar rock

This program consists of six samples of Lunar or Meteorite material encapsulated in a six-inch diameter clear lucite disk. The disk is accompanied by written and graphic descriptions of each sample in the disk; a Powerpoint presentation on CD; a teacher workbook; and additional printed material.

This program was designed to be used in a classroom environment for K - 12th grades. Science teachers may qualify for the use of a disk in their classroom by attending one of the many workshops sponsored
by NASA's Educator Professional Development Specialist.

Lunar and Meteorite Sample Request Process

Requests for lunar/meteorite samples are now managed by NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. Requests for disks must be made at least six weeks prior to use.

NASA will pay shipping in both directions.

Basic Requirements for Using the Lunar and Meteorite Disks
  1. The disks must be secured, while not in use, in a safe or vault-type safe or cabinet with a bar and combination lock.
  2. The disks must be under constant surveillance of a certified user while in use.
  3. Certified disk users must initiate the request to borrow the disks.
  4. The educator will receive a response from the Johnson Space Center Curatorial Office, Lunar and Meteorite Sample Education Disk Program via e-mail that requests contact information on an electronic form.
  5. The e-mail response also will outline the steps that the educator must follow to borrow the samples, such as filling out the loan agreement and security form, as well as getting the institutional lead to co-sign the loan agreement.