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Justin I. Simon, Planetary scientist

Justin I. Simon
Area of Research/Engineering

Cosmochemistry, Geochemistry and Geochronology

Contact Information

NASA Employee / KR


Research/Engineering Interests

Early solar system rock-forming processes and terrestrial planet formation; cosmochemical problems relating to nucleosynthesis and the origin and evolution of the solar system; isotope fractionation processes in terrestrial and extraterrestrial systems; isotopic anomalies in meteorites; geochronology; magma timescales and volcanic rocks; mass spectrometry technique development; development of in situ isotope techniques.

Education / Experience

Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of California at Berkeley & Berkeley Geochronology Center 2005-2009

PhD University of California at Los Angeles 2005

Advanced Volcanological Field Studies, University of New Mexico 2000

MSc. Colorado School of Mines 2000

Summer Field Studies  Indiana University  1996

BA Macalester College 1996

Laboratory / Research Group