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ARES Fellowship Opportunities

This list contains a large variety of different internships and fellowship programs to help students get involved with research and activities at ARES. These programs are available for students ranging from high school to the post-doctoral level. For more information on these programs or assistance in getting involved, please contact the ARES Fellowship Coordinator.


Students have the ability to search and apply for all types of NASA internships, fellowships, and scholarship opportunities in one system. A single internship or fellowship application places students in the applicant pool for consideration by mentors for all NASA internships or fellowships.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

Name of the program
LPI Post-doctoral opportunities
NASA Postdoctoral Program administered by Oak Ridge Associated Universities

Oak Ridge - NASA Postdoctoral Program

Research Topic Investigator
Analytical Studies of Space Weathering Effects on Lunar and Asteroid Surfaces DAVID MCKAY
Characterization of the Resource Potential of Lunar Regolith DAVID MCKAY
Experimental Investigations of Planetary Processes JOHN JONES
Generation of Planetary Basaltic Magmas DAVID DRAPER
Geophysical Modeling of Differentiated Asteroids DAVE MITTLEFEHLDT
High-Pressure Studies of Planetary Interiors KEVIN RIGHTER
Investigating the Collisional and Dynamical Evolution of Comets through Laboratory Impact Experiments FRED HORZ
Isotopic and Chemical Studies of Aqueous Environments PAUL NILES
Isotopic and Chemical Studies of Meteorites and Rocks to Probe the Origin and Early History of the Solar System and Formation of the Rocky Planets JUSTIN SIMON
Isotopic and Chemical Studies of the Evolution of Solid Objects in the Solar System LAURENCE NYQUIST
Isotopic and Elemental Studies of Stardust, Interstellar Matter, and Extraterrestrial Materials SCOTT MESSENGER
Mars Surface Chemistry and Mineralogy DOUG MING
Mineralogy of Fine-Grained Extraterrestrial Materials MICHAEL ZOLENSKY
Origin of Achondritic Meteorites DAVID MITTLEFEHLDT
Orbital Debris Hazard Assessment ERIC CHRISTIANSEN
Orbital Debris Research J.C. LIOU
Physicochemical State of the Martian Surface RICHARD MORRIS
Planetary Impact Processes MARK CINTALA
Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy DOUG MING
Solid-State Diffusion Studies for Genesis Solar Wind Samples KAREN MCNAMARA
The Nature of Early Solar System and Presolar materials LINDSAY KELLER
The Origin of Modified Optical Properties of Natural and Experimental Space-Weathered Materials LINDSAY KELLER
Volatiles in Extraterrestrial and Terrestrial Materials EVERETT GIBSON