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Carlton Allen, Astromaterials Curator

NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX

Carlton Allen Bio Picture
Where I grew up:

Bound Brook, NJ and Rochester, NY

My education information:

BA: Chemical Physics - Rice University Houston, TX

MS: Astronomy - University of Arizona Tucson, AZ

PhD: Planetary Sciences - University of Arizona Tucson, AZ

My hobbies:

Travel and explore

My favorite part of work:

Learning about other worlds

in the feild image

Carl in Antarctica

Let me explain what I do:

I lead a group of 30 scientists and technicians dedicated to preserving, protecting, and distributing NASA's extraterrestrial samples - rocks from the Moon, Mars, comets, and asteroids; atoms from the Sun; microscopic minerals from other stars. I also do research to better understand the surfaces of the Moon and Mars.

My reasons for becoming a scientist:

I've wanted to work in the space program since I was in 4th grade, watching our first attempts to explore the solar system. I can think of no more exciting adventure.

Thoughts on what it takes to be successful as a scientist or have success in any career:

Discover what you like and what you can do well. That's a powerful combination. Stay flexible and open to new opportunities. If you're asking for something - a job, college admission, scholarship - be serious and make the best case you possibly can.